About Us

Consultation at it's finest
Our Company


We are a close knit, dynamic, innovative company, which is continuously evolving as the quality and passion of all our people contributes to our growing track record of success.

We are proud of the fact that most of our team at both management and support level are committed to helping us deliver our goals and those of our customers.

All our people have the ability to form and maintain positive and cooperative relationships with individuals and large businesses alike. We are equally proud of our ability to recruit like mined and skilful people to help deliver excellence in all that we do.

We encourage everyone on our direct teams as well as our support professionals to evolve and grow with us so we can all deliver well beyond the boundaries of what we can collectively achieve. We have a growing selection of service professionals who have the same approach to our passion for delivering quality, with most of their business now being delivered through Edensprite.

What we do is all about evolution, as the challenges we all face change on a daily basis. We pride ourselves in meeting these challenges, which in turn delivers new rewards.

Edensprite also work closely with local educational establishments to help provide young people with opportunities to grow and flourish and to learn about what we want to achieve, many of whom return to us throughout their education.

Why choose Us.

Edensprite provides access to a wide selection of independent professionals and low/no carbon solutions. This allows our customers to adopt sustainable power, heating, hot water and lighting services.

We support customers from all sectors, individuals to multi-national business.

Our Mission.

The team at Edensprite provide a professional and informative service that helps our customers adopt available low/no carbon solutions, significantly reducing their carbon footprint.

‘Net Zero’ is embedded within our DNA.

What we Do.

Edensprite offers our customers with impartial and professional advice on carbon reducing solutions for many applications. These include: heating, hot water, solar PV, battery storage and lighting.

Following the consultation process we offer tailored solutions for consideration.